Popcorn Night

To do something new and fun with the chanichim that they will enjoy.

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Shai Agnon


שהחניך ילמד על הדמות הלאומית, ש"י עגנון, שיצירתו ואישיותו הן מופת ודוגמא לקשר עם ישראל לארצו. על אהבתו לארץ ישראל ועם ישראל, גאוות לאומיותו, ומתוך חייו גם אנחנו- שנבין איזה כוח ויחוד יש ללאום שלנו ולארצנו.

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Deprogramming The Masses Since 1547

To show the Chanichim the importance of keeping the memories of Holocaust survivors alive and learning the arguments of Holocaust deniers and how to refute them.

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Korte Artikelen
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The Omer

There is a mitzva for us to count 49 days, 7 weeks, between Pesach and Shavuot. In fact, the Torah doesn’t even give us a date for Shavuot, it simply tells us that it is the 50th day after Pesach. Originally this time was the period that we could not eat new wheat. On shavuot they would bring the korban omer, and then wheat grown that year could be eaten.

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