Bein Adam Lachavero

the subject of snif this week is Ben Adam lchavero. This is interaction between one (wo) man to another (wo) man. Were supposed to talk about how one little action can effect our lives is an extremely dramatic way. Although a little action can have from very little to no affect on somebodys life at all whatsoever, it is our job to stress the fact that it can.

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Everyone Is Special

ok guys, here it is!!!!!! This week we'll be doing something really cool about respecting other people who are different from ourselves (but of course, the catch is.... we're all different, but we'll get to that later).

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Tsahal Et Les Guerres D'israel

Message à transmettre:

Donner une idée des guerres dIsraël et montrer lhéroïsme des soldats. Faire comprendre la force de Tsahal, qui fut victorieuse souvent contre une armée bien plus grande quelle.

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B.7. Mental Gifts

This exercise fosters greater acceptance, emotional generosity and thoughtfulness towards other members of the group and is totally random. Member self-confidence and inter-personal communication are also enhanced.

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Miriam And Lashon Hara

Goals: To learn about the life of Miriam; To think about the repercussions of what we say and how we say it Lashon Hara.

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Kristallnacht kit
Kristallnacht kit
A kit for marking 60 years Kristallnacht which include - Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvar Tora, etc., in Hebrew and English