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Truth & False

Goals: To teach about the importance of telling the truth

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Important Jews & Leadership

Who is a leader?

Each one of the characters lead something else, a leader is one who influence people, even if it’s in music

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Pesach Activity


לימוד עשר המכות בצורה חווייתית

ביצוע היכרות "אישית" עם עשרת המכות

יישום עשרת המכות למשמעויות הנוגעות לילדים

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Aanbevolen Links

Israels Posters
Israels Posters
A kit with posters and Peulot about 60 years to the State of Israel, and - 40 years to Jerusalem.
Operation against Hamas, in Gaza
Operation against Hamas, in Gaza
Allkinds of links about the operation, Humanitarian issues, Hamas, methods and information, Israeli victims.