Importance Of And How To Do Teshuva

To remind the chanichim about the importance of Teshuva and teach them a few halachot of Teshuva.

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Shabbat Songs- Phonetic

שירון המכיל את יום זה מכובד, מה ידידות ודרור יקרא בעברית ופונטית

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Goals:  To demonstrate that one of the special features of Yerushalayim was its ability to bring all of the Jews together, an important characteristic for a capital city.

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Peoula Sur Yad Ahim

Buts :-Apprendre l'hymne du Bné

         -Comprendre combien les messages de l'hymne sont importants

        -Debattre sur certains dilemmes présents dans l'Hymne

         -Jouer quelques dynamiques jeux de groupes

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Aanbevolen Links

Mearaat Hamachpela In Chevron
Mearaat Hamachpela In Chevron
Great site about the cave of Mearat Hamachpela with educational metirials and a vertial tour