Virtues Of The Society In Israel

diez mandamientos, mitzvot

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Arts & Crafts For Tu Bishvat

מגוון של רעיונות לט"ו בשבט- ראש דשא, קישוטים עם פרות יבשים, עציצים, פרחים, עצים ועוד.

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Agradeciendo A Hashem

Agradecer a Hashem por lo que tenemos

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Seder Tu Bishvat Short 2010

סדר טו בשבט קצר הכולל את הברכות במצגת

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Korte Artikelen
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Aanbevolen Links

Petition for Israel's Kidnapped and Missing Soldiers
Petition for Israel's Kidnapped and Missing Soldiers
ICMIS is launching an international campaign to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures on an Internet petition in support of Israel's kidnapped and missing soldiers and their families.
Sukkah Building Instructions
many activities for shabbat-games, summary for this week's Parshat Shavua and coloring pages for Shabbat & Parshat Shavua.