Parsha Questions – Parashat Bo

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Resource Contents

1) What three plagues are mentions in this week’s parsha?

arbeh, chosech, makat bechorot


2) what did the arbeh devour?

All the vegetation that the barad did not destroy


3)how long did the chosech last?

3 days


4) After the makah of chosech. what did paroh offer Moshe?

that they could leave Egypt, but that they had to leave their livestock/cattle behind


5)What time of day did makat bechorot take place in?


6) who else died in makat bechorot besides 1st born humans?



7)What is the first mitzvah that is mentioned in the torah?

rosh chodesh


8) what holiday of the shalaosh regalim is mentioned in the parasha?



9)what did bnei yisrael do with the blood of the korban pesach?

painted it on the mezuzah (door post)


10)what was the purpose of the blood on the door post?

to be a sign for hashem to pass over the houses of the jews and not harm them durring makat bechorot


11) what is the punishement for eating chametz on pesach?

Karet (death from G-d)


12) What special aspect of peasach invloved children?

the teaching of the story from generation to generation


13) what went before Bnei Yisrael when they left Mitzraim/traveled through the desert?

A pillar of smoke in the day, and a pillar of fire in the night


14) how many years were Bnei Yisrael in Mitzraim for?

430 years


15) what did the Mitzrim and Paroe do after Makat Bechorot to Bnei Yisrael?

Sent them out – Paroe came to Moshe and aaron and told them to get out, and all of Egypt threw the Jews out


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