Channukah Treasure Hunt - חפש את המטמון לחנוכה

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Age: 10-13
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Estimated Time: 60 minutes

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 Channukah Treasure Hunt

This Shabbat we are doing a treasure hunt especially for Shabbat Channukah!!!
Before we begin we need to explain some rules.
1.      No cheating, or else, you will be taken out of the game
2.      This is  aBeit Knesset, there are people learning here, it is a holy place. We are going to do some silly stuff today but we need to behave properly in the Beit Knesset that means, no yelling, running around, disturbing people. Ne careful. We are here with Bnei Akiva and we need to keep our reputation clean (not that it isn’t already squeaky clean)
3.      Be a good loser and a good winner. Meaning, we have to feel at the end like we all won because we all had a great time. No one is going to enjoy t if it becomes too tense. So remember to enjoy yourself and not worry too much wether you win or lose
4.      Be kind and considerate to your friends. When there is a race it is very easy to forget someone behind, to put someone down (e.g. I don’t want to be on his team!” and then you end up with one very lonely person on his own team. That’s not fair
5.      You are also being judged on how well you work as a team
Guys, this is the general gist of things. Put it in your own words and if you have anything to add please do.
Ok, on to the stations. Evrey station will have a little clue leading to it and then something they have to do there.
The first station is at the Snif. Teams will have a “your mama is…:battle. Every team by turn says a “your Mama” sentence. The twist: it is now, “Your mama is so Greek…” sentence. The first team out will get a four minute wait, the next team a tow minute wait and the next team (aka, the winners) win and get to leave immediately (if there are than three teams you just let the first team wait longer by two minutes)
 The madrich appointed to each team gives them the clue.
Clue #1: You can make  a fire in me, so it’s nice and toasty. I am outside…
Place: The fire pit on the side of the bayit next to the modular
What to do there:  there are cups with candles stuck to them. You have to make at least 3 candles fall down by throwing a driedel or another object at it (maybe miken ikes) I wish I had enough driedels at home for this. If anyone can bring some in please do.
Clue #2:  You can find many utensils in me. Come and eat here please!
Place: The kitchen in the bayit
What to do there: there will be a certain amount of cup and plates for each team. They need to use all of them in order to build a channukiah. At the end, they MUST clean up in order to go on.
Clue #3: You pass messages through me, this is the old way to communicate.
Place: mailbox for the bayit
What to do: In the mailbox you will find straws. Take only as much as you need for your group so that  there is enough left for the other groups. You need to build a Jewish army to battle the Greeks! Equip each person in your group with a magen david made out of straws. Make three extra ones for the soldiers you will come to join you. Now, you must find 3 people who will join your army and walk with you up to the snif. Chant,  "מי לה' אלי!". If you asked 10 people and haven’t found anyone to join  you, continue up to the snif as a group, doing the same thing.
Clue #4: You visit here at least once a day and on thpse occasions you do not want anyone to come in with you.
Place: the bathroom used by the babysitters in the bayit.
What to do: Grab a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and go to the living room. Wrap one person up COMPLETLY like a mummy. In order to get the next clue you must clean up the toilet paper and out it in the garbage.
Clue #5: You stand out here whenever you don’t want to go inside. It’s nice and shady in here.
 Place: the pavilion outside, with the awning over it.
What to do: There is a selection of Channukah songs and cotumes. Put on a show! Pick a song, put on a costume and preform the song for the judge. You may not leave until your show is approved by the judge and the costumes are properly put away.
When each group completes their tasks they go back up to the Snif to see if they won.
Each group is going to have the different stations in a different order. When you come we will give each one of you their team with the list of station they have and the clues numbered according to what has to be done when.

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