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Resource Type: Peula in: Engels
Age: 9-11
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
Teach the chanachim about the basic principals of Bnei Akiva

Resource Contents

1) Mifkad (you know you wanna do it...)

2) Bingo!!! (Datya's style... :-] )  So we'll have a few different bingo
boards with some Bnei Akiva terms on them.  Make sure that you remember to
bring them, and a little baggie of small pieces of ripped paper or
something.  If there aren't enough boards to go around for the group, then
split the kids into groups of two or three.  I guess that when someone gets
a bingo, you can give them a Taf Ticket or something.  Be creative.  Here's
the list of questions and the answers (Datya, the answers will be the words
to go on the board.  Can you make a few copies of each board so both 2nd
and 3rd grade can have a few?  Thank you!) :

1) What is Bnei Akiva's himnon? (yad achim)
2) What is the name of 2nd and 3rd grade? (chevraya taf)
3) What are the peices of paper you get when you behave well in groups?
(taf tickets)
4) When we stand in a "chet" and sing the himnon, what activity are we
having?  (mifkad)
5) What do we have each shabbat? (snif)
6) What is Israel's national anthem? (hatikva)
7) What are the main aspects of Bnei Akiva's ideology? (torah v'avodah)
8) What are the madrichim's shirts called? (tilboshet)
9) What is used to represent Torah in the semel? (the luchot)
10) Who is Bnei Akiva named after? (Rabbi Akiva)
11) What is the name of grades 4-6? (chevraya alef)
12) What is the Jewish state? (Israel)
13) Who are the Bnot Sheirut? (Racheli and Datya)
14) What is the name of grades 7-8? (chevraya zach)
15) What is the name of grades 9-12? (chevraya bet)
16) Who is our shaliach? (Ilan)
17) What do you answer when someone says "Hashem imachem"? (yevarechecha
18) What symbolizes the unity of all the different parts of the semel?
(the ribbon)
19) How old was Rabbi Akiva when he started to learn Torah? (40)
20) Who are the chevraya taf roshim? (David and Naomi)

3) One more game... Take two pieces of paper -- one that says "galut" and
one that says "Israel" and lay them on the floor on opposite sides of the
room.  Have all the kids stand on the "galut" side of the room.  Ask them
these questions.  Call on someone, and if he or she answers the question
right, he gets to walk however many steps toward Israel (1 or 2, depending
on the size of the room).  Whoever gets to Israel first, wins.  Use Taf
tickets for the winner again, or you can be creative... I don't know.  I'm
brain dead.
Here are the questions.  We came up with the answers as a group, but
because we didn't have time, I'm making these questions myself.  If you
don't like them, then just change them as you see fit.  The questions are
all about what Bnei Akiva does in America, Israel, and around the world.

1) What kind of program does Bnei Akiva have for underprivileged Israeli
kids on Tu Bishvat? (send them to forests to plant trees)
2)What special parade does Bnei Akiva have in New York every year?
(Israel Day parade)
3) What kind of summer programs does Bnei Akiva have for older kids?
(programs to Israel, such as Mach Hach Baaretz)
4) What kind of programs do different cities get together to have on a
few shabbatot during the year?  (shabbatonim)
5) How many different countries have Bnei Akiva? (28)
6) What special message did Bnei Akiva Cleveland send to Israel last year
?  hint: using paint and a big piece of cloth. (handprint banner)
7) How did Bnei Akiva Cleveland help people all around the city have a
sukkah on sukkot? (sukkah on wheels)
8) Bonus... if they haven't gotten to "Israel" yet, ask them to name
different countries that have Bnei Akiva.  For each country they can
have one step.  Just do this until someone wins.  (Some countries: Israel,
America, England, Scotland, South Africa, Norway, Canada, Argentina,
Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Russia, Holland, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria,

4) Games of your choice
5) Snack

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