Israel Or Uganda

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Resource Type: Peula in: Engels
Age: 58-13
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
to teach the chanichim that the only place for the Jewish people is in Israel.

Required Props & Materials
- Eargunt letter
- Bingo material (zionist style)

Resource Contents



Goal-to teach the chanichim that the only place for the Jewish people is in Israel.

instructions-1.Eargunt letter-read your chanichim the letter that the president of the U.S.A. wrote the prime minister of Israel. Ask your chanichim what they think. Try to play the devils advocate, in the heat of the discussion yell CUT and move on to the next part of the peula.

2.Trial- tell your chanichim that the year is 1903 and that you are

Hertzel, you are faced in front of a very large dilemma

ever since what happened with Dryfus [the french

Jewish soldier] I have believed that Israel is the only

Land for the Jews, and that I must do all there is in

My power to make sure that the Jewish people have

A land to call their own.

Max Nordaw has just made me an offer and I need

Your help- my fellow congress men to decide what

To do. He said that even though the ideal is

Obviously to go to Israel it is not realistic now so

Instead, he offered to take all the Jews to Uganda

Which is a much easier solution.

What should we do? When you make your decision

Take under consideration that the fate of the Jewish

People is on your hands

At this point divide your chanichim into 2 groups, one group in favor of going to Uganda, and one group in favor of going to Israel no matter what the price is. Give each group the cards that give ideas to support their opinion.

After each group discusses their side you will have a TRIAL.

Each group should choose one chanich to represent them in the trial. YOU- the madrich will be the judge.

After the trial tell the chanichim that after Hertzel suggested the Uganda idea in the congress the Russian representatives barged out, their was a very big argument and Hertzel himself died from a

broken heart within a year

3. Zionist bingo- give each chanich a bingo chart ,you know the rules sooooooooo- just have a good time.

for the endexplain to your chanichim that the only place for the

Jewish people is in Israel. There is a special connection between Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael the land and us can not be complete when we are apart.

You can also add that there are some Mitzvot that can only be done in Israel and that the history that we have in Israel can not be replaced with anything

And b'ezrat hashem

We shall all meet in



Hadas and rachel

Usually there381-0448

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