Holocaust Ceremony - טקס ליום השואה

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טקס יום השואה / 2006
Today, the 27th of Nisan we commemorate the Holocaust remembrance day.
In memory of the six million who chose life,
But their lives were taken.
The memory of every man, woman and child,
Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute
They chose life, defying those who were seeking their death.
In honor of the dead, in honor of the survivors
In honor of the perished, in honor of the saved,
In honor of each man, woman and child
Who were marked for the final solution
Who continue the chain of generations,
In the name of them all we now say:
"עם ישראל חי" 
Please rise for a moment of silence.
In memory of the 6 million men, women and children who were murdered by the natzies we would like to light 6 candles.
 We are children, kids with hopes, dreams and expectations from life. We have friends and family who are dear to us and care for us.
Over a million and a half children in the holocaust were killed. Together with their hopes and dreams. They were separated from their family, they were left with no friends, they had no identity – they became the enemy!   
We would like to ask Dr. Kirshenbum to light the first candle in honor of those children.
Children just like us.
נר ראשון
Ima: The ghetto will eat the children…
Chanale: I don't understand how does a ghetto eat children, what is it? – a wolf? What is a ghetto anyway???
Iamele, is it Shabat tomorrow?
Ima: yes my dear
Chanale: ima, will we go to the river?
Ima: no my child. We live in the ghetto. We are forbidden to leave the ghetto.
Chana: ima, when will I go to school?
Ima: there is no school in the ghetto, my daughter.
Chana: are you bringing flowers for shabat like you use to do?
Ima: there are no flowers in the ghetto, Chanale.
Chana: so, what is in this ghetto? (crying) I don't want to be in the ghetto!!! I don’t want to!
I want to have flowers. At least one flower, a small one.
I want to go mommy…. Let's leave.
We would like to ask rabbi Herzig to light the second candle in honor of the these children’s courage and bravery.
They risked their lives to save others, and kept on going throughout the hardest and most horrible challenges.  
נר שני
ריקוד – זכרנו לחיים
We would like to ask Mr. Abrams to light the third candle.
It is hard enough to survive on your own in this dreadful war, but these children found strength to help others. they smuggled food and were the source of comfort and encouragement to their younger brothers.
in remembrance of these powerful actions we are honored to light the third candle.
נר שלישי
 The diary of Anne Frank,
Dear diary,
We have been pointedly reminded that we are hiding, that we are Jews in chains, chained to one spot, without any rights…
We jews must be brave and strong, must accept all inconvenience and not grumble, must do what is within our power and trust in God. Sometime this terrible war will be over. Surly the time will come when we are people again, not just jews.
Who made jews different from all other people? Who has allowed us to suffer so terribly up till now? Is it God?...
But it will be God, too, who will raise us up again!
Then Jews, instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example. It might even be our religion from which the world and all people learn good.
Be brave! Let us remain aware of our task. A solution will come. God has never deserted our people. Through all ages they had to suffer, but it has made them strong too.
God has never deserted our people!
שיר - שמע ישראל
We would like to ask rabbi Amoun to light the forth candle.
In a time of pain and sorrow it is easy to give up to loose your identity. To forget your faith and believe.
So much can we learn from these children. In spite of everything they kept their spirit! They lived a meaningful life in a place of death.
With great Humility we light this candle. 
נר רביעי
We call upon Mrs. Chavkin to light the fifth candle.
We grief for a million and a half souls …
But the greater lose is for the people they will never become.
their life mission that will never be accomplished and for their hopes and dreams that are gone forever.
נר חמישי
''The last seder in the warsaw ghetto...
There was one moishele the last moishele in the warsaw ghetto, asking his father ma nishtana.
"ma nishtana halayla hazeh mikol haleylot", why this night so long and more terrible than any nights before?
While moishele is asking all the question heaven and earth stood still.
The angels were afraid to make noise and his father... His father wants to answer
עבדים היינו.
Moishele says "Tatte ziser I have one more question of my own and this is my question:
I want to know Tatte ziser would I still be alive next year to ask you Ma Nishtana? Would there any jewish child be left to ask the Ma Nishtana? Will there any jewish father be left to answer
עבדים היינו ?
And the father answered: I dont know, I dont know if I'll be alive, I dont know, I dont know if you'll be alive. But I know that there will always be one moishele somewhere, somewhere asking the Ma Nishtana. I dont know if we'll be alive, but I know one thing...

כי בשם קדשך נשבעת לו שלא יכבה נרו לעולם ועד"''
שיר – אני מאמין

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