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Resource Type: Peula in: Engels
Age: 10-14
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

1. Shaw the Chanichim different sides in the Israeli character.

2. Have them understand that being Israeli is a very different and better lifestyle.

Resource Contents

The steps:

1. You give every chanich a piece of paper with one of the following statement. Each chanich needs to go around and look for a statement that he feels connected to.

2. In different corners of the room will be big notes that divided the statement into different groups. Each chanich should think where his statement belongs and go sit in that corner.

3. The Madrich should asks the Chanichim what do they like about the Israeli character, and he/she should show them that being Israeli means more , being more free, and in general having a better life.

To see someone you know on TV and say: I know this guy, that cant be.

To call someone dude despite the fact you met him 5 min ago.

Always know someone who can let you in for free.

To come back from abroad with over weight and find Israeli in the terminal who will share it with you.

To warn the car that comes in front of you from the police car that you just passed.

To stop at a red light and immediately check whose driving in the car next to you.

To give a ride to a teenager who tries to hitch hike.

To ask someone how to get to a certain street, and he will say: follow me.

To go visit your friends without a prior notice

To jump from the highest cliff into the YehudiahRiver in Ramat Hagolan.

To go to London and try to make the queen guard laugh.

To take a day off just so you can go watch the blossom of the Calaniut.

To imagine at least once a week what you would you do if you would win the lottery.

To believe that Macabi Tel Aviv will win the trophy of the Europe league.

To imagine how one day you will be interviewed on TV and you will become famous.

To think that all the Jews in America are millionaires.

To recycle cans of soda, just so you can win a key chain.

To say: Israeli won the Chidon Hatanach again.

To think that the falafel in your neighbored is the best.

To look for Jewish names in the credits at the end of Hollywood movie.

Mention once in a while that famous people are Jews.

To become emotional every time you hear the song Jerusalem of gold.

To say:there is nothing safe like EL-AL flights.

To clap your hand and sing Evenu shalom Hlechem when the airplane lands in Ben

Gorion Airport.

To know that Alexander and Jonathan are kinds of apples.

To order the recommended food in a restaurant although you dont understand what the waitress said it is.

To ask the waiter what kinds of wine they serve, but be interested only in the prices.

To star eat Crembo from the cream and than move on to the biscuit.

To drive all the way to Eilat just for chocolate milk (they make the best one there).

To argue about what you add first to the coffee, the coffee or the sugar.

To believe that a cup of tea can quire everything (head hike, weaknesses ).

To eat Humus straight from the main plate.

To feed the animals at the zoo, although it says on the sign clearly not to do that.

To call your dog Lassie.

To have at least 4-5 cats as a kid.

To bury a dead jellyfish in the sand.

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