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Recurso Tipo: Peula - Atividade em: English
Idade: 14-15
O tamanho do grupo: 15-40
Tempo estimado: 60 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos

Goals: for the chanichim to understand the importance and weight carried when being a madrich/a

Adereços necessários e Materiais
eggs, markers

Recurso Conteúdo

Hadracha Sicha for Eidah Daled:


Goals: for the chanichim to understand the importance and weight carried when being a madrich/a

Written by: Sara Gordon

Suggested Age: Chevraya Bet

Materials: eggs with faces drawn on them


Activity #1:


Trigger: Egg toss- draw a face on it, give it a name, it’s now your chanich. Find a co-counselor- now throw it back and forth 10 times, stepping back each time. Then try it going from side to side.


Sicha: You guys have been doing a lot of wok with Kaytana and with eidah alef, and will be doing more with younger kids during color war and the chutz, so this Sicha is here to help you guys and refine your hadracha skills.


What were things that were especially challenging or that you found hard when working with eidah alef or kaytana? Was anything frustrating?

What was good – what went well, what did you like about doing hadracha??


An egg is a lot like a chanich – what parallels can you guys see? (small, fragile, little, easily breakable, smells bad…)


When doing the egg toss – what did you guys have to do to stop the egg from breaking? What skills were needed for that? Which of those skills can transfer into hadracha?


  • An egg and a chanich are both fragile – physically and emotionally. You have to make sure it doesn’t break in either way. Also with chanichim – physically watch out for them and mentally – don’t make fun of them – boost their self esteem – self confidence.

  • You are a lot bigger then an egg. Chanichim look up to you and will copy everything you do – know the hadracha power that you wield.

  • The fate of the egg- and the chanich is in your hands – for good and for bad, you can build them up, or mess up. It’s a big responsibility – but also a lot of fun.


Hold on to egg with your co-counselor for the next 3 days – if it survives you win something.


Activity #2:


Have one chanich teach a game in an animated way. Meanwhile – each of the other chanichim gets a personality to imitate. The chanich telling the story has to try and control them and deal with each one.


-Annoying, have to go to the bathroom, falling asleep, always beating up other kids, calls out uncontrollably, keeps trying to jump on you, crying.


Discuss with the chanichim – what was good about how he tried to deal with those kids? What are other things he could have done?




  • Your energy and ruach passes on to the chanichim when giving over a peulah

  • Walk around circle, modulate your voice, jump up and down.

  • Be flexible – sometimes the best peulah won’t work because kids are being disruptive – but the challenge to be able to deal with those kids while keeping the game going.

  • End a game at its peak!! Because then chanichim remember it as being fun and you can use it again next time.



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Stop the game before it gets out of control

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