Honor Your Father And Mother

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Recurso Tipo: Peula - Atividade em: English
Idade: 8-12
O tamanho do grupo: 10-50
Tempo estimado: 45 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos

Make the chanichim understand the importance of  .כיבוד הורים

Adereços necessários e Materiais

Recurso Conteúdo


1.game – snatch the cup


3.active discussion – the “hot chair”



Step 1 - snatch the cup

Play the game while using the story “The giving tree” (the story is on the end of the peula”.

Instead of giving the chanichim numbers, give them objects in the story.


Step 2 -skit

Split the chanichim into 2 groups (or more) and tell them to prepare their own end for the story. (3-minute skit).


Step 3 - active discussion:

Put 2 chairs on the middle of the room: a “YES” chair and a “NO” chair.

After each question you ask, one chanich should stand on each chair and try to convince the rest of the group that their opinion (YES/NO) is right.

The group should move near the chair they agree with.









Ø    Should the tree have kept on giving?

Yes? –Why?

No? – When should he have stopped?


Ø    D0 you give or get more from your relationship with your friends?

Ø    Do you always listen to what your parents ask you to do?

Yes – how can you give back to your parents?

No- must we listen to our parents?


Zach: change the questions, ask about ways to solve a disagreement, give examples for disagreements)



Step 4 - summery:

Giving our parents back and appreciating what they gave us starts with listening to what they say and respecting them. Sometimes we disagree with our parents, and we must learn how to solve the disagreement through talking and not fighting.

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