Reasons To Give A "sicha"

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Reasons to give a "Sicha"-

$ The objective of a "Sicha" is not only to arrive at a final conclusion, but to introduce new concepts to the chanich.

$ A Sicha gives the chanichim the opportunity to express their opinions, and think for themselves.

$ Sichot allow the chanichim to exchange views with others.

Preparation for Sicha-

$ Plan your introduction/opening statement carefully.

$ Know your topic well.

$ Make a list of the points you want to emphasize.

$ Always have more information prepared than necessary.

$ Make sure the "Sicha" is on the appropriate intellectual level for your kvutza.

How to give A Sicha-

$ Grab the chanichims attention with an interesting introduction.

$ Relate the topic to the chanichims personal experiences.

$ Keep the Sicha on the right track, dont go off on tangents.

$ Review during the middle of the Sicha and summarize at the end.

$ Dont take sides, it may prevent the chanichim from drawing their own conclusions.

$ Ask questions to draw out chanichim. Involve as many chanichim as possible.

$ Do not permit an over-aggressive chanich to dominate the discussion.

$ Remember- you may be trying to reach a specific conclusion, but dont try to force it on the chanichim. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, respect that.

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