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Idade: 9-12
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Tempo estimado: 45 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos

Goal: The Chanichim will come to see that happiness is not something that can be bought and not something that you can fake. Simcha isn't about achievement and isn't about being who you're not. Happiness is something that comes from within and sometimes we have to look deep inside to find it.

Recurso Conteúdo


The following Peula opens up the topic of Simcha and lets the chanichim explore what Simcha means to them.


For: Chevraya Aleph ( grade)


Goal: The Chanichim will come to see that happiness is not something that can be bought and not something that you can fake. Simcha isn't about achievement and isn't about being who you're not. Happiness is something that comes from within and sometimes we have to look deep inside to find it.


Peulah: Draw a picture of a smiley face and a sad face ahead of time. Ask the chanichim to stand next to the picture that describes them the best.

Now tell them that if they are always like that they can stay next to that picture and if their feeling changes sometimes they should stand in the middle.

They should sit down according to the groups they created. Ask each group why they choose to stand in that way. They should discuss it amongst themselves. If they all one opinion, a representative of the group should speak- if not they should each get a turn to say their personal reasons. The reasons will probably evolve around getting a new toy, getting hurt not long ago, eating something really good and stuff like that. These are things that usually concern kids in their everyday life. After bringing up the reasons, break up the groups.


These are a few cards that describe people and the reason they think they are the happiest people in the world... (see at the end of the peulah #1) These cards can be acted out by the madrichim or the chanichim. If by madrichim, make them as dramatic and funny and entertaining as possible.  After the parts are acted out take a vote to see who is the happiest person according to the chanichim.

They can also be handed out to groups to be discussed and they can decide on their own if the person on the card they received is really happy or not and then tell the rest why. These are examples if you think of a character that can be closer to the Chanichim's life- add it to the cards.


Sicha: Discuss why people happy. What can make them happy if they aren't? Can they think of anyone they know that is always very sad? Or someone that is always very happy? Is there a reason for that? What is it?


Read the attached story- “Habeitsa Shehitchapsa” (#2).

We don't have to try and put on masks and try to be who we're not. If we look inside and try to see who we really are, we can find the real meaning of happiness. As soon as we can be real with ourselves we can find real happiness.

You can read the attached. (#3) It makes the point clearer.



#1- Characters


Ricki- My name is Ricki I'm 11 years old and I live in Beverly Hills. My dad owns a big diamond company. I have a room full of every game I ask for and I of course have a maid that is with me all the time. Not too many kids live in my neighborhood so a lot of times I play alone or with my maid. I can have anything I want. I have a wonderful life... And that's why I'm the happiest person!


Zack- My name is Zack I'm 28 years old and I live in New York. I am a clown; my job is to make people laugh. When I get them to laugh I bring them happiness. Because I bring people happiness I get happiness for myself. Also if I'm not really happy all the time- the smile on my face makes me and the people around me happy. Dealing with laughter and happiness all day long makes me the happiest man!!


Moshe - My name is Moshe and I'm 32 years old. Hashem said that we should always be happy and that's why I'm always happy. I always have a smile on my face and I dance very often. Anything that happens I accept with love and happiness. My way of life makes me the happiest man!


Woody- My name is Woody and I'm 25 years old. I have a glamorous life! I’m the star of a great new movie that just came out and that makes me so happy. I get tons of fan mail and my fan club gets bigger every day. I just got a new Jaguar to go with the look- my new girlfriend needs to have a good car to drive around in... To sum it all up I have anything anyone could ever wish for. I am the happiest man!


Chaya- My name is Chaya and I'm 16 years old. I live in a small town with my parents and brothers. I go to school and I of course have some friends there. I have a very good life. I wake up every morning thank God that I'm alive and I eat- and go to school. On the weekends I hang out with my friends... What else can I ask for?  I am the happiest person I know.







#2 Habeitsa Shehitchapsaהביצה שתחפשה


היה היתה ביצה שלא רצתה להיות ביצה מפני שלא ידעה לא לעמד ולא לקפץ ולא ללכת וכל הזמן היתה רק מתגלגלת ומתהפכת.


פגשה הביצה כדור פינג-פונג. אנחנו כל כך דומים אמרה לו. שנינו עגולים ולבנים. בא, נתגלגל יחד!

אבל הכדור היה ריקן וגאותן. אני קופץ ואני רץ,  ואת רק מתגלגלת אמרוקפץ מעל לביצה הנבהלת פגשה הביצה בלון אנחנו כל כך דומים, אמרה לו. שנינו עגלים. בא, נתגלגל יחד!


אבל הבלון היה מנפח ורודף-רוח ובכלל לא רצה לענות. הוא נמשך לו למעלה ועלה ופרח לו משם והלאה.


נתגלגלה הביצה לבדה החשבה לה: מה אפשר לעשות? מה עוד אפשר לנסות? איזו צורה מוזרה יש לי, ממש צרה צרורה!


האם בכל העולם הגדול לא אמצא לי חבר? פתאום היה לה רעיון נפלא:היא תתחפש למשהו אחר!


התחפשה לפרח אדם: צבעה את פניה בצבע אדם, הדביקה סביבה עלים כחלים,  וזהו!


-איזה פרח משנה, אמרה ילדה. הוא חלק וקרח ובלל אין לו ריח. הוא בכלל לא פורח, הוא סתם ביצה, אמר לה ילד אחד. ושניהם הסתלקו בריצה.


עכשיו התחפשה הביצה לפטריה, אמנם שמנמנת, אבל נחמדה מאד.  עמדה לה בצד, קצת נפחדת. הפטריות הביטו בה בתמהון: הפטריה החדשה יש לה קליפה קשה- ורגל עבה, מתנדנדת!


וכך הבינה הביצה שלביצה קשה לחיות, אם היא רוצה להיות לא היא, אלא אחת הפטריות.


ובכל זאת נסתה מחדש: התחפשה לכד! והנה היא התקשטה בפסים הדביקה לעצמה צואר ושתי ידיות וזהו !


אבל חתול שעבר שם שאל: מה זה? האם אתה כד? אין לך פתח. ובכלל אי אפשר לשמר בך חלב. חבל  !


מה אפשר לעשות? התחפשה לליצן! חבשה מצנפת עם גדיל וצירה על עצמה (לפי הסדר)גבות, עינים, אף,וצחוק.


אינך מצחיקה, אמרו לה. מכירים אותך מרחוק.


נסתה הביצה תחפושות אחרות. התחפשה לסל, ולשעון, ולתפוח. ואפילו לסתם מעגל מציר בגיר על הלוח.


אבל שום דבר לא הועיל. בכל פעם הכירו אותה מיד.

- את סתם ביצה מחפשת, אמרו לה.


גם התרנגולת הכירה אותה.

-איפה היית, בצתי שלי? כבר מזמן רציתי לשבת עליך. לדגור כמובן.


אמא, אינני רוצה, אמרה הביצה, תני לי להתגלגל בעולם.


אולי בפעם אחרת, אמרה הדוגרת, ועכשיו תעשי בדיוק כמו כלם. וכבר דגרה עליה.


פתאום היתה הביצה בחום ובחושך והיתה מכרחה להמתין. אבל למי?                  


יום אחד היתה לה הרגשה מוזרה. משהו נע בה וזז בה וזע בה 


היא התרגשה  :

מה קורה לי, אמא?

ולא שקטה, ולא השלימה.

אני כבר לא אני, ציצה.

אני כבר לא ביצה !

כמובן, אמרה אמא, כמובן. סוף-סוף אתה אתה : אפרוח!












During Purim you see people wearing different costumes: One is a clown, one is a monster, one is an animal and one is... Something not so understood.

But you never think to be angry at the people in costumes, because it's just a costume...

Also in life we meet a lot of people "In costume" one is a clown another is a beggar, one is really rude and other is obnoxious and one is dressed as someone that doesn't care about anything. We have to remember that this isn't the real person we are looking at those are just "costumes"... You just have to walk up to them, gently take their costume off and find the innocence that is hidden in their souls...





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