Bnei Akiva Ideology

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Recurso Tipo: Peula - Atividade em: English
Idade: 9-15
O tamanho do grupo: 5-30
Tempo estimado: 90 minutos

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Objetivo de Recursos
To get the chanachim to know some of the basics of Bnei Akiva.

Adereços necessários e Materiais
  • Human Board (for board game-quiz)
  • Q&A's

Recurso Conteúdo

To get the Chanichim to know some of the basic of Beni-Akiva.


Get to know BA board game. Divide the Chanichim into two groups. Each group sends one representative to be their board player. The board needs to be set up by the Madrichim. Each square is a piece of paper, which is either a question, square a task squares or an empty square. Each groups in its turn throws the dice (it only goes up to 3) and then the representative moves that number on the board. If he lands on a question square, the group is asked a question. If the grope answers correctly the representative moves one step forward. If they land on a task square, there is a competition between the two groups. The group that wins moves one step forward. The group that wins is the one that reaches the end of the board first.

Questions For the Beni-Akiva Game:

1. Whos Beni-Akiva named for? Rabbi Akiva

2.What did Rabbi Akiva do before he became a Rabbi? He was a shepherd

3. What was Rabbi Akivas wife name? a. Dina b.Rachel c. Sara.

4. What year was Beni Akiva founded? a. 1982 b. 1948 c.1929

5. Where was Beni Akiva founded? a. Yerushalayim b. Russia c. New


6. What does the Taf and Ayin in the semel stands for? a. Torah and Ezra b. Torah and Aliya c. Torah and Avoda

7.what do the scythe and the pitchfork in the semel stands for? a. Torah

b. Avoda

8. What was the first Beni Akiva Kibbutz? a. Kfar Avraham b. Kfar Gideon c. Tirat Tzvi

9. What is the Yad Achyim? Beni Akiva anthem.

10. What is the Hatikkvah? National anthem of the state of Israel.

Task for the Bnei-Akiva game:

1. 1. Put the semel together from the different parts.

2. 2. Put together the sentences of the yad-achim in right order.

3. 3. Anagrams- Each group receive the hebrew alphabet and the madrich/a says Bnei-Akiva related word and each group has to put the word together first.

4. 4. Get the chanichim to Bnei-Akiva relay race. One group is Tora and the other is Avoda each group stands in a line. The first and second players in each team join hands. At go they run to the goal. The first player remains there, while the second goes back and joins habd with the third player. The two of them run to the goal, then the second player remains while the third returns for the fourth, etc. the team that finishes bringing over all of its member wins.

5. 5. Divide the chanichim into two teams. The teams compete between them who will be the first to get to the other side of the room with an egg on a spoon and without drooping it. Each chanich from each team run with the spoon to the other side and back and then pass the spoon to the next one.

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