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The Chalutzim & Tu Beshvat

Tu Bi’shvat =tree planting= the best way to show that Hashem gave US Israel.  (trees show ownership over the land). And who planted trees and settled

Israel? The chalutzim.

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Shana Meuberet Adar B

נלמד יחד עם החניכים מדוע אנו מעבראת השנה ומוסיפים לה חודש חדש-- אדר א'?

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Ideas For Purim Carnival

Running a Purim Carnival can be a great way to bring the fun—and some of the facts—about Purim home to the kids in your community.

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World Tu B'shvat event- Hagshama
World Tu B'shvat event- Hagshama
Who wants to be a Millionaire game, a real one on tu b'shvat!!!!amazing!