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Change From Within


To discuss the philosophy of working with non-religious Jews in order to achieve certain goals by finding a common basis with them.  (Respect them even if we don't agree with them  - tolerance). Working from within to affect change instead of ghettoizing ourselves from the outside world.

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The Antiochus Game

Goal: the Chanichim will learn to evaluate their Jewish values

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Ethnic Groups In Israel

מטרה: שהחניך-

ילמד על סוגי העדות שקיימות במדינה .

יבין שלמרות השוני בין העדות כולנו עם אחד מאוחד ומגובש.

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Reconocer los símbolos de las distintas festividades judías , principalmente Januka.

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Jafi- Hatikva
Jafi- Hatikva
How to sing & play the "Hatikva" the Israeli anthum, and what is the history behind it