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Will We Remember Them All?!

A movie with different pics of famous people, for a peula about Leadership.

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Modern Maccabee

The Chanichim will learn 4 aspects of the Maccabim that we need to emulate in our day:

1.      The Torah is meant to infuse every part of our lives as individuals and as a nation.

2.      In everything we do, we can’t just leave it up to Hashem, we have to also put in our own effort

3.      We need to stand up for our beliefs, even when many others might not agree.

4.      We need to realize the importance of Jewish sovereignty- of being in charge of our own destiny

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The Titanic's Secrets

מטרת היחידה: התלמידים יבינו שהגיבור של ימינו כפי שמצטייר בעיננו הוא גיבור של אשליה, יופי וזוהר ואינו גיבור אמיתי.

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Chanukah Party And Talent Show


1. Welcome/ game stations

2. Dinner

3. Talent show

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35 Heroes In A War

Goal: The chanichim will learn about the lamed hei and deal with problematic situations in a war.

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