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G.5. Paper Bag Dramatics

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Typ av resurs: Spel in: Engelska
Ålder: 10-18
Storlek: 10-58
Beräknad tid: 45 minutes

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G.5. Paper Bag Dramatics

Prepare a bag with a variety of objects (e.g., Shabbat candles, Magen David, Hebrew newspaper, etc….).
Divide the players into small groups. Each player picks one object from the bag.
After everyone has an object, each group must compose a short skit using all the objects its players have picked. The best skit wins.

For large groups use one bag for each subgroup.

Instead of composing a skit, the players should compose a song, or tell a story,
using the objects.
Use objects related to a Festival (i.e., dreidel, matzot). Tell all the players that their skit has to revolve around that Festival. 

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