Peulah For Shabbat Parshat Chukat-balak

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Goal: the subject of snif this week is Ben Adam lchavero. This is interaction between one (wo) man to another (wo) man. Were supposed to talk about how one little action can effect our lives is an extremely dramatic way. Although a little action can have from very little to no affect on somebodys life at all whatsoever, it is our job to stress the fact that it can.

Matériel requis

Materials: the three below mentioned stories, try to find out about the below "Simpsons" episode

Contenu de la ressource


- There are three great stories that exemplify how important the mitzvah of Bein Adam le'chavero is and here they are

- The rabbi who said good morning to his neighbor every morning, then his neighbor turned out to be a nazi and the rabbi's life got saved. ("Good Morning Herr Mueller")

- Another one was about how one kid helped the psycho suicidal kid pick up his books in the hall and made friends with him and the kid who was nuts didnt kill him self in the end. (If you can make that story less violent when you tell it to the kids that would be greatly appreciated. It's probably in that book small miracles or chicken soup for the soul)

- The third story is about the idiot who got locked in the freezer and almost died. He said goodnight to the security guard every night so they knew something was up when he didnt say good night. (small miracles or chicken soup)

- Even though you or the kids may disagree the moral of these stories is not say good morning and good night to people. The theme is that Ben Adam lchavero is ridiculously important and might save your tush when you really need it, like it did for the people in the story.

- There is a Simpsons episode that has a lot to do with our theme of small things can have a big affect. Its the episode where homer goes back in time while trying to fix his toaster. Homer kills a fly and goes back to the current time. Everything is different in current time just because he killed that fly.

- After all of that play a game with the kids, your choices of games are the games we discussed at the snif meeting which were the game when one person goes in the middle of the circle and tries to make every body laugh. This game is worth a shot but if you can tell from the beginning that the kids are not funny (which I doubt they will be) dont even bother because the worst thing in the world is a not funny kid.

- The other game is the knot game. If you know it you can give it a try.

- .ZAP ZORCH!!!!!!!!!! A classic game of Mifuglianos and more best played on Shabbat afternoon but acceptable anytime anywhere. Zap Zorch should be in the Shabbat afternoon game hall of fame with other greats such as Legos or Duck Duck Goose and Monopoly.



Suggested Age: chevraya zach (maybe the older ones in aleph as well)

Suitable for Shabbat

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