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 Shlomit is building a sukkah 

Full of light and greenery 
that’s why she's so busy today.  It's not simply a sukkah 
Full of light and greenery - 
Shlomit is building a sukkah of peace ("sukkat shalom"). 

She won’t forget to lay out 
the lulav and the myrtle leaves,
a green branch of willow, 
a pomegranate within its leaves, 
and all the fruits of autumn, 
with its fragrance of orange groves. 

And when Shlomit says: 
Look! It's all done! 
A wonder so sudden shall be. 
All the neighbors will come,  
and there will be room for everyone! 

Then, through the Sechach 
a diamond shiny star                 shall peek and say to all of us:
“Shalom, wondrous sukkah, 
how fine and how pleasing it is - 
that Shlomit build a sukkah of peace.


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