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Balagan Peolah

ערב כייפי ומגבש

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A Fight Or A Conversation

להראות שאין שום דבר רע באיחוד התרבות המערבית עם התרבות הישראלית

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Shiur - Aula

The War Against Binyamin

Goal: The chanichim should see the irony in the Am Israel going to war against Shevet Binyamin, and how in this civil war, they accomplish everything that they were not able to accomplish when attempting to conquer the land in the 1st perek. This ends the Sefer on an extremely depressing note, stressing again that Am Israel need strong moral leaders in order that anarchy and events like this civil war, do not happen again.

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Shiur - Aula


מטרות השיעור

1.                               לדבר על חשיבות לימוד תורה

2.                               בלימוד תורה יש "קבלת תורה" מחדש

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