Shiur - Aula



The chanichim should understand Yehoshua’s strengths as a leader and how he differed from Moshe.

The chanichim should understand the challenges Yehoshua faced leading the Jews during the transition period from life in the Midbar to life in Eretz


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Peace Of Galilee War - Presentation

Basic guide lines of the war - detailed

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Peca - Esquete

Yom Hashoa

הקראת עדויות ניצולי שואה בצורה מוחשית

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Peula - Atividade

Judaism In The New Millenium

To focus on Judaism and its connection to the technological aspects of the new millenium.  We want the chanichim to realize that all the new cool technology that is now available to the world can actually be used l’shem Shamayim. 

This week we can help the chanichim realize that everything ultimately comes from Hashem, even Nintendo!

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