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Ethiopian Aliyah

To teach about the struggles of the Ethiopian Aliya, and a little about Aliya in general.

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Peula - Atividade

Independence Day


שהחניך יבין מהו החלום ומה משמעותו.

שהחניך יפעל למען הגשמת חלומו (חיזוק ונתינת מוטיבציה)

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A Post-zionist State?

To have the chanichim think about what Zionism means to them and to show that even though Israel has changed from a country facing military and technological difficulties to a high-tech, modern, well-armed nation does not mean that Zionism is dead.

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Freedom Of Choice

explain to the chanichim that we can always be free if we have our most important freedom – our bchira chofshit.

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