Peula - Atividade

Capital Of Jerusalem

Representacion de los diferentes puntos de viusta en cuanto a la division de ierushalaim, capital unica y eterna de Eretz Hakodesh!

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Peula - Atividade

Doing Mitzvot

1.The chanichim will understand that the Judaism believes in doing mitzvot beyond just theoretical ideas.

2.The chanichim will understand that mitzvot illustrate ideals and values that we believe in.

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Final Course Year Notes

el janij revisara y reflexionara sobre como se comporto con sus compañeros

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Premio - Recompensa

Well Done Madrich

להעריך מה שהמדריך עושה

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Peula - Atividade

How Is It To Be A Chalutz

In this peula we are going to simulate a chalutz’s attempt to live in

Israel in the 1800’s. The kids will face the same trials and tribulations that the early settlers felt, and they will have to deal with those situations.

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