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The chanichim will understand the dilemma that the government is faced when a soldier is kidnapped, and feel connected to the difficulty and pain on a personal level.

The chanichim will become familiar with the stories of the major MIAs.

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Dreams Can Come True


1. To think about the importance of dreams

2. To consider the changes throughout Herzl's life and his dream

3. To consider how we all need to dream and work to allow our dreams to become reality

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Planning Ahead

Goal: To teach the Chanichim the importance of planning ahead. What is more important: the present or the future? Is it better to endure temporary pain for the sake of achieving a goal that will eventually give you pleasure? Emphasize the importance of focusing on the greater picture.

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Miracles On Chanuka

מטרה:א)     החניך יכיר ויזכר בנסים שהיו בתקופת התנ"ך.ב)     החניך יהיה מודע לשני סוגי הנס הקיימים- נס מעל הטבע, נס דרך הטבע (האדם)ג)       החניך ישים לב לנסים הקטנים היומיומיים המתרחשים לטובתנו.

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