Peula - Atividade

The Himnon- Yad Achim

Goals: • To learn the Bnei Akiva anthem • To see how many important messages are in the song. • To discuss some of the dilemmas that are hidden in the anthem. • To play some fun group dynamics games

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Peula - Atividade

Internal Freedom

-מטרת הפעולה:

 לא לתת למוגבלויות של עצמך ולקשיים לעצור אותך להשתמש ביכולות שלך ולהגשים את עצמך.

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Peula - Atividade

The Power Of "tfilah"

מטרת הפעולה:

להעביר את המסר על כוחה של תפילה והיכולת לפנות לבורא עולם בכל עת וצורך.

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Shiur - Aula


Background:  Chaluziut is loosely translated as “pioneering” but we will see how the definition can be sharpened.

Goals:The chanichim will be able to define what Chaluziut is.   They will compare the original definition given in Tanach to how modern Zionisim defines “the Chalutz.”  Different characteristics of “the Chalutz” should be discussed.  Does being a Chalutz describe one aspect of life, or is it a philosophy of life?  To what extent are we Chaluzim?  The chanichim will also be able to give examples of individual Chaluzim who have impacted


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Messirout Nefesh Hevraya ב

Par les personnages proposés ,il s’agira de faire remarquer au hanihim qu’à toute époque et devant n’importe quelle situation ,le peuple juif a sû trouver celui qui est prêt à donner sa vie physiquement ou spirituellement pour le sauver.

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