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In Memorium: St. Sgt. Roi Nissim

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An obituary for St. Sgt. Roi Nissim, who was killed in the Gaza Strip on June 27, 2004


St. Sgt. Roi Nissim






June 27, 2004 - St.-Sgt. Roi Nissim, 20, of Rishon Lezion, was killed and five other soldiers were wounded when the Orhan outpost in the Gaza Strip was blown up by terrorists who tunneled under the position and detonated a massive explosive charge. 

In a heavy exchange of fire following the explosion, two terrorists were killed. Hamas and Fatah claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nissim's stepfather, Yisrael Sela, recalled that about a month before the fatal attack Roi had alerted his commanding officer that he had heard noises coming from underground. The area was examined with special instruments, but nothing was found.

Aharon Nissim, Nissim's father, related that his son was an enthusiastic member of the Givati Brigade, and had just completed a platoon leader's course. "The whole house was full of Givati decals, the car too. He never stopped talking about the service and tried to get us excited, too. But we always lived with the fear."

Nissim's mother, Yaffa, said she pleaded with him not to join the infantry. "He wouldn't listen. In another week he was supposed to graduate from his course. We have the invitation to the ceremony."

A relative recalled that it was during a high school visit to Holocaust sites in Poland that Nissim became determined to be a combat soldier.

St.-Sgt. Roi Nissim is survived by his parents and two sisters. He was buried in the Rishon Lezion Cemetery.


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