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Why We Do What We Do - ?

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Try to answer as many questions as you can about Chanukah


Why we do what we do

Try to answer as many questions as you can

1. Why do we celebrate Chanukah for 8 days?

2 Why do we eat latkes and jelly doughnuts on Chanukah?

3 When do we light the Chanukah candles?

4 Who fought against the maccabim?

5 On which animal did the Greeks ride on?

6 What do we add in birkat hamzon and shmona esre on Chanukah?

7 Which city in Israel is named after the Maccbim?

8 Whose signature was on the jug of oil?

9 What is the candle that lights the other candles called?

10 What do the children get on Chanukah?

11 What are the five sons of Matityahu called?

12 What type of olive oil was used to light the Menora in the Mikdash and how was it made?

13 What Bracha do we say on the first night of chanuka, and dont say on any other night?

14. From which city in Israel do the best olives come from?

15 What months Rosh chodesh occurs during chanuka?

16 What does it say on the draidle? What is the difference between an Israeli draidle and why?

17 What city were the makabim from?

18 Which son of Matityahu died killing an elephant he thought was ridden by the Greek king?

19 What was the wicked Greek Kings name?

20. How many branches did the Menorah in the Temple have?

21. What did the Maccabees fight for?

22. We light the candles from..?

23. . What type of Hallel do we recite on Chanukah?

24. When do we light the Menorah?

25. Greece is descendant from

26. Permission to rebuild Temple was given by:

27. What does Maccabi (Mem, Cuf, Bet, Yood) stand for?

28. Why do we light 1 candle the first night and 8 candles the last?

29. Who is obligated to light?

30. How many Sifrei Torah do you take out on Rosh Chodesh Tevet that falls on Shabbat?

31. Why do we read that specific Kria BaTorah (the Korbanot given in the dedication of the Mishkan) in Chanukkah?

32. What are you not allowed to do on Chanukkah?

33. If you have another light in the house, do you need a shammash, & why?

34. What is the main sporting event in Israel for Chanukkah?


1.The Miracle of the nes pach hashemen that lit for 8 days

2. Foods full of oil to remind us of the miracle.

3. Right after Maariv (for more detail look up)

4. The Greeks

5. Elephants

6. Al Hanissim

7. Makabim, Chashmonaim, Matityahu, Modiin,

8 The Kohen Gadol

9. The Shamash

10. Chanuka Geld/ Presents

11. Yehuda, Elazar, Shimon, Yonatan , Yochanan

12. Shemen Zayit Zach the first drop of oil from the olive

13. Shehechyanu

14. Yerushalayim

15. Tevet

16. Nun,Gimmel,Hey,Shin the Israeli Draidle has a Pey instead of Shin The miracle was Po here and not sham

17. Modiin

18. Elazar

19. Antiyochus

20. 7

21. For the right to practice Judaism

22. Left to right

23. complete

24. sunset

25. Yefet

26. Persia

27. Mi Kamocha BaElim Hashem no other G-d is like you, Hashem a symbol on Yehudas shield

28. Because we only add Kdusha and not subtract.

29. everyone

30. Three first for shabbat, then for rosh chodesh, then for chanukkah.

31. Because were comparing the dedication of the Mishkan in the desert on the second year to the dedication of the Mikdash in Israel on Chanukkah.

32. Hesped and Taanit

33. no, because you already have a light besides the chanukkah candles.

34. A basketball game between Saloniccy and Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

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