Aliyaah During Worl War Ii And Its Aftermath 1939-48

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To teach chanachim about the basic facts on Aliyaah during the 2nd World War.

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Aliya during World War II and its aftermath

During World War II, the aliya effort focused on rescuing Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe, the majority came as illegal immigrants. This immigration, called Aliya Bet, arrived by land and by sea, from Europe and the Middle East, going against the British Government's orders.

Several boatloads of immigrants who managed to reach Palestine were sent back by British authorities upholding the quota system. Many lost their lives at sea or in the Holocaust in Europe.

Shlichim from the yishuv, Jewish partisans and Zionist youth movements cooperated in establishing the Beriha (escape) organization, which helped nearly 200,000 Jews leave Europe. The majority settled in Palestine.

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