Dilemmas Worksheet

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Dilemmas Worksheet


Think about your own response to the dilemma and give everyone in your group a chance to state their view before you start a free discussion. Try to give reasons for your own position, in accordance with your role.

What do you think about the peace process as young Israelis?
        [Hint: good/bad for Israel - in what way?
               how is it paced?]


If territory is the price for peace, should Israel make concessions?
        [Hint: will territorial concessions endanger Israel's


Which is more important - having the whole land of Eretz Yisrael or
having a smaller state where the majority of residents will be Jewish?


A new immigrant from [choose where from] has entered your class. How
will you relate to him or her?
        [Hint: how do you feel about new immigrants, especially from
        the US/former USSR/Romania/Ethiopia? Do you empathize with


Think of three major factors which can ensure the survival of the
Jewish people.
        [Hint: Hebrew language, State of Israel, teaching the
        Shoa, Jewish traditions, Jewish education, serving in the IDF,
        marrying another Jew, keeping kosher, observing Shabbat...]


Which of these seems least important?

To which of these are you committed as a young Israeli?


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