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Ahavat Olam, Or Lagoyim - אהבת עולם, אור לגויים

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Typ av resurs: Peula / aktivitet in: Engelska
Ålder: 12-20
Storlek: 10-50
Beräknad tid: 50 minutes

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Resurs mål

 Imbue chanichim with pride for what Israel does around the world


Help explain the “achdut” (unity) of Israel how such a small country can get together as one so fast, it never really matters what is going on in Israel whether it is good or bad, Israel will always be the first to go out and help in other places.


Hachrazat hamidina!  (Declaration of independence) Split up into groups where each group must build a city.  Each group is given materials in order to build they must make up a name of the city, population, ect. (EACH GROUP WILL GET A PIECE OF “LAND” IN A SHAPE THAT THEY MUST BUILD THEIR CITY ON, AFTER THEY PUT IT TOGETHER YOU WILL SEE THAT EACH SHAPE CREATES THE FULL MAP OF ISRAEL)

Positive palmach music in the backround, building music ect.

During the building there will be a siren and a reporter who will say the current news in Israel. Each group will get something taken from there city according to the era. (see bottom for ideas)

Go according to history…the wars, the different piguim, aliyot ect.

Make sure to give each group positive things as well! Nobel peace prize, a new yeshuv, a bunch of things that happened in Israel that are positive.

After announcing 20 news feeds, the news will then announce that something happened outside of Israel. Each group must decide and discuss what their community would do?

(Maddie can direct the conversation- Go out and and help? Send people from their community right away? Collect food and clothes? Send letters? Pray? Send only the doctors with medicine and first aid.. OR would they stay at home and watch the news and hope everything gets better?)

Tochen: Each group is building a city is in Israel, life goes on with the good and the bad and with all that Israel still sends people to chutz laarentz to help there too. What would they do in this situation?

Conclusion: There really is no conclusion to this tochnit or at all in life, its frustrating to build and grow in reality when there is so much going on in the world. The good things that happen ( a new community is built, more people made aliyah, nobel peace prizes were given) and unfortunately the bad as well ( people are removed from their homes, killed in terrorist attacks,wars..) Israel is a place that grows from these hardships continues to go out and give no matter what.

Building: 20 min, 

20 different news headlines positive and negative:

Operation Solomon –beginning of 1991, 1967- Concurred Jerusalem, Gush katif- 2005, Nobel prize- 2011 for chemistry, 1979- Eurovision win! , 2006- Gilad shalit was kidnapped, 2011- Gilad shalit was let out, Rocket into Sderot, 1973-yom kippur war, Nachshon wachsman was killed- 1994, 1976- Operation Entebbe, A new yeshuv was built, A whole community was uprooted from Bet el- 2012, Rocket was shot into Sderot, A bombing in Jerusalem , Earth quake in Haiti- , Tsunami , Aliya from france- 2009, Yamit an Israeli settlement was uprooted- 1982, Operation cast lead-  2008

There has been a bombing is Sri-Lanka, hundreds have been wounded and several dead. There is no one there who can give medical aid to the citizens. They need help! (until 47 seconds)

There has been a hurricane in America, hundreds left without heat, homes, food and electricity. Thousands of dollars have gone down the drain. They need help!

To do:

Get hachrazat hamidina-



News clips. 



Decide what each group is building with- pictures of houses and roads and people and train tracks, bridges, shul, snif, ect.

Styrofoam- toothpicks ( the Styrofoam will be the shape that they get and they will have to stick and make the city from that) 

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Light unto the nations, light to the nations

humanitarian aid, tikkun olam, 

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