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Moshiach -

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Typ av resurs: Peula / aktivitet in: Engelska
Ålder: 8-12
Storlek: 10-50
Beräknad tid: 45 minutes

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Nerladdad: 1941

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Resurs mål

for the chanichim to understand about the mashiach, when, why and for what it will come


Trigger game #1: Im looking for Moshiach
One kid walks around circle and asks one kid Have you seen Moshaich? The kid answers, What does he look like? He starts describing a kid sitting in the circle, and once that kid realized hes being described he has to chase the other kid around the circle. Then he is it.

Trigger game #2:
One wall is Galut, and one wall is Israel. The chanichim line up and have to cross the room to get to Israel without crashing into a madrich. The madrichim are standing in different places between the walls with their hands out. The catch is the kids have to get from one side of the room to the other with their eyes closed without hitting a madrich. One kid gets to be moshiach and has his eyes open and has to direct the kids across so that they dont hit a madrich. Once 10 kids cross safely we switch the moshiach.


Basically the point of the sicha is to get the kids thinking about what Moshiachs job is and what he will represent (possible ideas, Moshiach as a religious leader, getting the Jews to do more mitzvoth, learn more torah, or Moshiach as someone who unifies the Jews, or Moshiach as a military leader, fighting for the Jews. Really Moshiach is all of these)

"What do you think of when you think of Moshiach? What do you think his job is?"
Go around the circle and have each kid give an answer.

Discuss with the kids the list of Rambams criteria of what Moshiach is supposed to do as an intro (Ill give you a list). Then open the envelopes.

The 1st envelope: In it are symbols, (sword, tanach, olive branch -peace symbol). Have the kids pick the one(s) which they think Moshiach represents.

Then open the 2nd envelope here there are 3 pictures one of a chasid, one as a Super-Jew, and one of a Jew holding a sword and a tanach, and then a picture of a question mark. Ask them to pick the picture they think based on what theyve discussed so far represents moshiach. The chasid is one of teaching torah/mitzvoth. The superJew is someone who fights for the Jews, the guy with the sword and tanach is one who does both. The question mark one means that they dont agree with the 3 pictures and come up with their own idea of who moshiach is. Try and encourage the question mark one, the other are good too, but make sure they debate all aspects back and forth.

Finally read the moshiachs hat poem with them. Its cute and is food for thought.

Moshiach's Hat

(A Poem To Ponder)
By Anonymous ben Kolonymous (who else?)

'T was the night of the Geulah, -- And in every single Shtiebel
Sounds of Torah could be heard -- Coming from every kind of Yeedel.
This one in English, -- Some in Hebrew, some in Yiddish.
Some saying P'shat -- And some saying a Chiddish.
And up in Shamayim--The Aibishter decreed:
"The time has come -- For My children to be freed.
"Rouse the Moshiach -- From his heavenly berth.
Have him get in his chariot, -- And head down to earth.
"The Moshiach got dressed -- And with a heart full of glee,
Went down to earth and entered -- the first Shtiebel he did see.
"I am the Moshiach! -- Hashem has heard your plea!
Your Geulah has come! -- It's time to go free!
"They all stopped their learning; -- This was quite a surprise.
And they look at him carefully, -- With piercing sharp eyes
"He's not the Moshiach!" -- Said one with a grin,
"Just look at his hat, -- At the pinches and brim!"
"That's right!" cried another -- With a grimace and frown,
"Whoever heard of Moshiach, -- With a brim that's turned down?"
"Well," thought Moshiach, -- "If this is the rule,
So he walked right on over -- To the next shul in town.
Sure to be accepted, -- Since his brim was no longer down.
"I'm, the Moshiach!" he cried, -- As he began to enter
But the Jews wanted to know first -- If he was Left Right or Center
"Your clothes are so black!" -- They cried out in fright.
"You can't be Moshiach--You're much too far right!"
"If you want to be Moshiach, -- You must be properly outfitted.
"So they replaced his black hat -- With a Kippah that was knitted.
Wearing his new Kippah, -- Moshiach went out and said:
"No difference to me -- What I wear on my head.
"So he went to the next shul, -- For his mission was dear.
But he was getting frustrated -- With the Yidden down hear.
"I'm the Moshiach!" he cried, -- And they all stopped to stare,
And a complete eerie stillness -- Filled up the air.
"You're the Moshiach?! -- Just imagine that!
Whoever heard of Moshiach -- Without a black hat?"
"But I do have a hat!" -- The Moshiach then said.
So he pulled it right out -- And plunked it down on his head.
Then the shul started laughing, -- And one said " Where's your kop?
You can't have Moshiach -- With a brim that's turned up!
If you want to be Moshiach -- And be accepted in this town,
"Put some pinches in your hat -- And turn that brim down!"
Moshiach walked out and said: -- "I guess my time hasn't come.
I'll just return -- To where I came from.
"So he went to his chariot, -- But as he began to enter,
All sorts of Jews appeared -- From the Left, Right, and Center.
"Please wait - do not leave. -- It's all their fault!" they said,
And they pointed to each other -- And to what was on each other's head.
Moshiach just looked sad -- And said, " You don't understand."
And then started up his chariot -- To get out of this land.
"Yes, it's very wonderful -- That you all learn Torah,
But you seem to have forgotten -- A crucial part of our Mesorah.
"What does he mean?" -- "What's he talking about?"
And they all looked bewildered, -- And they all began to shout.
Moshiach looked back and answered, -- "The first place to start,
Is to shut up your mouths -- And open your hearts.
"To each of you, certain Yidden -- Seem too Frum or too Frei,
But all Yidden are beloved -- in the Aibishter's eye."
And on his way up he shouted: -- " If you want me to come,
Try working a little harder -- On some Ahavat Chinam!"

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