Opening Activity For Jerusalem Day

The Chanichim will get more knowledge about


The Chanichim will understand the importance of the KOTEL as a holly place for the Jews.

 The Chanichim will understand the importance of 

Jerusalem and it  spiritual specialty.

 The Chanichim will understand what the special day for

Jerusalem mean.

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Rabbanut Rashit

Teach the Chanichim about the jobs of the Rabanut HaRasheet and how it effects the State of Israel.


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The Power Of "tfilah"

מטרת הפעולה:

להעביר את המסר על כוחה של תפילה והיכולת לפנות לבורא עולם בכל עת וצורך.

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Holocaust- Background

The PPT is telling a little bit about the history of the Holocaust

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Enlaces Recomendados

Links for Memorial day from Zu Shlichut
Links for Memorial day from Zu Shlichut
links to many sites in lots of langueges by ages for Memorial day prepared by the Jewish Agecncy Shlichim Support department in their monthly email "Zu Shlichut"