Respecting Others

Goal: Getting the children to respect other people who are different from ourselves (but of course, the catch is.... we're all different, but we'll get to that later).

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The Golan

Pics & Information about the Golan

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Booths For Purim Karnival / Shuk

שוק פורים מגיע? צריכים רעיונות לביתנים? רוצים לשדרג את שוק פורים שלכם? הנה כמה רעיונות

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Torah Tots
Torah Tots
a site full of fun activities and games for all festivals. There are activities for shabbat, Birchot Hashachar, learning the alef-bet and more. You could also find a summary for this week's Parsha and colour pictures of the Parsha.
kef kef kef
kef kef kef
This website has been created to enable youth groups from around the world to have a central place in which to store, collect and share games. The goal of the games is to unify the children. Examles for games; beat it, samurai, concentration and more.