Tsedaka + Spel

De Chanichim de verschillende 8 niveau's van Tsedaka volgens de Rambam uitleggen.

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The First Peula – Ba Toronto

The chanichim will have fun ,meet the group and the madrichThe chanich will come again to the next activity.The chanich will get gain information about rosh hashana.

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Agradeciendo En Todo Momento

Ver porque hay que agradecer en cada momento

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On The Way…

To teach the chanichim the story about “Shayeret  HaLamed Hei”.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

Kristallnacht kit Kristallnacht kit
A kit for marking 60 years Kristallnacht which include - Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvar Tora, etc., in Hebrew and English

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