Gevurah In The Face Of Assimilation

This week, we will talk about how a really important type of gevurah is strength in the face of assimilation.  Through all of Jewish history, we were constantly under the pressure to assimilate and be lost forever.

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Le Libre Arbitre

BUT : Les Chanichim doivent sortir de la péoula en sachant qu’ils ont le choix dans l’orientation de leur vie, et quelle est la meilleure pour eux

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Short Article
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Crossword Puzzle For Shavuot

מטרת ההפעלה: להכיר את שמות החג, אמרות, מושגים ואישים הקשורים בחג השבועות ובמגילת רות.

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Holocaust Oil

At the conclusion of every 16-hour work day in the hell called

Bergen-Belsen, the block commander liked to have some fun with his Jews.

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