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Environment And Tu Bishvat- Family Learning

family lerning for Tu Bishvat

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If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem

a movie showing pictures of Yerushalayim with a short historical background since the 6 day war. in the background there is the song "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem"

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A Land Of Honey & Milk?

מטרה- שהחניך יבין מדוע א"י היא ארץ זבת חלב ודבש והייחוד בשבעת המינים.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

60 years to Israel kit 60 years to Israel kit
A kit marking 60 years to the State of Israel. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvari Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English

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