Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze Laze

Goals: A peula with this theme does not present a difficult concept for chanichim to take in. But there should be more depth to it than just “being nice to each other” games. Snif should end with a feeling of caring about other people.

            But such a peula could work on several levels – dealing with the following:

i.                     Our responsibilities towards our friends

ii.                   Our responsibilities towards those people we know or know about who are less fortunate than ourselves (e.g. the elderly)

iii.                  Our responsibilities to less fortunate Jews in other parts of the world

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Physical Gevurah

Goal: The Chanichim will learn about 2 people: Eli Cohen the Isreali spy and Shimshon. They will understand why we can call them heroes.They will understand what it means physical  Gvurah. Introduction: Throughout Jewish History there are many examples of heroes who were examples of physical gevurah.  We are going to focus on a couple of individuals.

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Jewish Heroism

בתנועה הציונית הפך חג החנוכה לסמל של כוחניות יתירה, הערצת "מכבי מושיע ופודה", והעצמת גבורתו הצבאית. ההתמקדות בכוח הפכה והייתה סמלו המסחרי של ה"יהודי החדש", בעל השרירים, שלא יכרע ולא ישתחווה ושהשתחרר זה מכבר מתדמית היהודי ה"גלותי" ונטל את גורלו בידיו.

ד''ר עו''ד אביעד הכהן - 12/10/2004

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