מטרה : א. להביא למודעות, שהתפילה היא צורך טבעי לאדם.

            ב. להכיר סוגי תפילות.

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Yehoshua Part #2


1. The chanichim will see that in conquering the

land of

Israel, Hashem will provide us with miracles and help, but only if we take initiative first. All the battles fought at the beginning of Yehoshua (at the beginning of conquering the land) were a combination of miracles and teva - natural battles. Hashem, through Yehoshua, is teaching Am Israel how to fight in a natural way.

2. The chanichim will see Yehoshua’s role as a ruchani and religious leader, not just as a general in battle. In all the battles that he leads and in his speeches, Yehoshua always has the same message: G-d will only help us in battle if we keep His mitzvot and the Torah.

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