Poraz Family Movie for Memorial Day

סרט על סיפורה של משפחת פורז על נפילת האב והבן

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What Would Answer?


Identificar la percepción que tienen los demás sobre nuestra personalidad y comportamientos. Concientizar el nivel de conocimiento que tienen los demás sobre uno mismo.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
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Tishrey kit Tishrey kit
Tishrey kit which include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvar Tora, etc., in Hebrew and English

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Torah Tots
a site full of fun activities and games for all festivals. There are activities for shabbat, Birchot Hashachar, learning the alef-bet and more. You could also find a summary for this week's Parsha and colour pictures of the Parsha.
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.
Rechavam Zevi (Gandi)
Rechavam Zevi (Gandi)
אתר המרכז את מורשת גנדי, הביוגרפיה ומה נעשה כיום לזיכרו