The Mitzvah To Kick Out The 7 Nations

As we saw in the last shiur, even thought Yehoshua was supposed to wipe out all the 7 nations in the land, he didn’t, and as you can see in the map from Shiur #1, there is quite a lot of eretz hanisheret, of left over land that has not been conquered, left full of non Jews. In perek 2 here, the malach comes to bochim and rebukes Am Israel for this sin.

The goal of this shiur is to discuss with the chanichim the original command to wipe out the 7 nations originally. Is this ideal? Or is it genocide? Why would Hashem want us to wipe them out, why can’t we live with them?

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Find These Places On The Map

Goal: To place the name on the map

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V’ahavta L’reicha Kamocha

To discuss the mitzvah of V’Ahavta L’Reicha Kamocha (love your neighbo as you love yourself.)

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Leaders In Israel

מטרה: הכרת מנהיגי ישראל על פי הדילמות עימן הם התמודדו.

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Purim Project

פעילות מושקעת לפורים בצורת תחנות. תמצאו כאן תחנה של יצירה לפורים, הכנת מסכות, הכרת דמויות המגילה, תחפושות בטבע ועוד ועוד

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