The War Against The Jews

Aims OF Peula:

·        For the chanichim to have a better and clearer picture of the history of the Holocaust.

·        For them to realise that ALL Jews were persecuted regardless of what country they were in during the Second World War occupation.

·        To see that Nazi Germany made special laws against the Jews.

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G.23. Story Chain

This game can be used very effectively for creating a particular mood within the group, as preparation for an activity.

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Whats In A Flag?

The chanichim will understand the why it is important to have a flag.The chanichim will know that what’s behind what eyes can see is more important

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Why do you do what you do?  Every day, all of us have to make lots of little choices. We hope that they live up to what we think our values, but we all know that it doesn't always happen the way we want it to.

Anyway, enough with the serious stuff.  This game can be adapted to suit all ages and all attention spans.

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Kowboy On Purim

הרב חיים סבתו מתאר את הפורים שלו בתור ילד ומשלב בתוך את חשיבות החינוך ושמירה על הלשון.

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