Ideas For Activity On Pesach

חסר לכם רעיון לפסח? בואו תציצו ותראו מה אספנו בשבילכם

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Who Is A Hero?

מטרה: להעמיק את מושג הגבורה והגיבורים שלנו היום

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Omer Aleph And Bet

Aleph Aims

Bet Aims

      To learn about the Omer, and more specifically Lag Ba’omer

      To learn about the life, times and teachings of Rabbi Akiva

       To learn about Lag ba’omer in connection with Rabbi Akiva

       To understand some ideas as to why BA is named after Rabbi Akiva

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Torah Et Environnement

En tant que juif, nous ne devons pas salir la terre qu’H nous a laissée.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

Kristallnacht kit Kristallnacht kit
A kit for marking 60 years Kristallnacht which include - Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvar Tora, etc., in Hebrew and English

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Oach- Tu Bishvat
Oach- Tu Bishvat
The education of goverment made a fantastic site. with Tu Bishvat Seder, Pics, songs, Mitzvot about eretz yisrael etc.