Gidon - The Man Who Could Have Been King


The chanichim will see the creative measures with which Gidon fights, and how he has progressed as a leader.

The chanichim will discuss why Gidon refuses to accept the offer to become King, and how if he had accepted, he might have ended the Shoftim cycle for good.

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Soldiers List

רשימה של נופלים במלחמות ישראל ונפגעי פעולות איבה הכוללים תמונה, תאריך נפילה, גיל וחיל

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How To Prepare An Activite, Chosen Subjet Pea...


El objetivo principal de esta peula es que los janijim de hadraja tengan la oportunidad de preparar una peula importante para toda la tnua. El objetivo de la peula en sí es conocer la problemática del Proceso de Paz.

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Fighting For Israel

Chanichim should leave the peulah with the understanding of the importance of tzahal and what they fight for as well as the idea that one doesn't have to be wearing a soldier's uniform to be fighting for Israel.

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