Achdut - אחדות

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 10-40
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal
Goal: to see how we need diff types of people in Am Israel (so don't make fun of other people)

Required Props & Materials

Preparation:  cut up paper into shapes, plastic cutlery, ball of string, pieces of paper that say Levi-teaching, Yehudah-kingship, Yissacar-torah, and Zevulan- work (see below)

Resource Contents

Game #1: "See , Run, Build" - which is an awesome game!
Divide the kids up into 2 teams and it is a race. Each team gets split into 3 groups, the "see-ers, the runners and the builders". So 2 madrichim will build (in a non chillul shabbos type of way) some kind of crazy design on the floor made up of weird materials (construction paper cut into shapes, cups, plates, forks, pipe cleaners, string). Then the kids who are see-ers look at the thing and run to another station where the runners are waiting. They tell them what they saw (describe a part of it). The runners run to another room where the builders are waiting with the bag full of the same material that the 1st thing is made of but not put together. And the runner has to describe to them how to build it. Since they cant describe it all at once they have to keep running back in forth, but the kids have to stick to their own job. See-ers cannot run straight to the builders they have to go through the runners, etc. the 1st team to rebuild the  object wins the race! (madrichim will be at each station to make sure kids don't cheat)

Game #2: 
Everyone stands in a circle. The 1st person takes a ball of string and says one line from a story (made up) and puts in it someone else in the circle's name. (I.E.. If I'm holding the string, id say "once upon a time Rachel was eaten by bears" and throw it to Rachel... lol). The trick is i keep holding on to the sting, so that once everyone has had a turn everyone is holding string and there is a cool web design in the middle.

Sicha and wrap up:
 Every madrich will grab 3-5 kids and do this with them.
Everyone will get 4 slips of paper that say Levi- teaching, Yehuda-kingship, Yissachar-torah, Zevulun-work. Four of the shvatim that had unique tasks. Ask the chanichim which they think is the most important. Now u play devils advocate and try to show them that really all four are equally important! Because u can't just have kingship and no teachers or work with no torah, all are important.

In the "see run build" game, everyone had their own job. If the team was all see-ers, or all builders, it wouldn't work!! We all have our individual tasks and u need lots of different people in Am Israel. So just because someone isn't good at one thing, doesn't mean we should make fun of them because they are good at something else and we need them there.
this also ties into Torah V'avodah. you need both the see-ers - learners, and the people putting it into action- builders - Avodah.
the sting game shows how we each have something unique to give to am Israel and together we all make this cool design. if one person had been missing, the string design would have been totally different!!! we are al essential members of snif and of Am Israel.

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