Squirrels In The Trees

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-55
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Active

Play in a large area

The group is divided into sets of threes with two players (the "trees") holding hands and a third player (the "squirrel") in between them.  One player should be left outside.  He is the "squirrel without a tree." When he says "squirrels in the trees" the "tree" players lift their hands, and the "squirrels" must scramble to find a new "tree." When a "squirrel" finds an empty "tree" he goes in and the "tree" players lower their hands.  One "squirrel" will be left without a "tree" each time.  As the game continues, the players should rotate so that everyone gets a chance as squirrels or "trees."


Hint:    So as to avoid a problem with a "showoff" who continuously becomes a "squirrel without a tree," set a limit of times a player can be a "squirrel without a tree." If that limit is exceeded, that player is out.


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