Nasi -nas1 #2

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-55
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Quiet

Play in a circle

The leader chooses a topic (i.e. Chanukah) The players all begin to slap their knees with the palms of their hands, then clap their hands , and then snap their fingers. The first person names something related to Chanukah at the same time as s/he snaps his/her fingers.  Then the second person must name something else, and so on.  Players are eliminated when they name something already mentioned, or not related to the topic, or when they fail to name that thing with the snapping of the fingers.  The last X players remaining win.



Player #1: Slap - Clap - (Menorah) Snap

Player #2: Slap - Clap - (Latkes) Snap

Player #3: Slap - Clap -(Candies) Snap

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