B.4. Chinese Whispers

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Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-58
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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B.4. Chinese Whispers

An exercise to enhance cooperation in communication and to generate focused communication.

The group members are asked mill around, but not to speak directly to those with whom they want to talk.
Instead, when they see someone they would like to communicate with, they need to send him/her a message via someone else: e.g., “Tell Debra I said thank you for helping me yesterday.”
Continue until messages run out.

Try as graffiti on poster board/brown paper on the walls.
Try with bits of paper being delivered from one person to another.
Play at a run, speed up, in slow motion.

Optional Review:
Effectiveness and content of communication, how many conversations each member generated with different people; how many different people approached him/her with a message.

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