H.10. Homa Umigdal

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H.10. Homa Umigdal

All participants tap two fingers continuously on the table (or if in a bus, on the seat) in front of them. (The group as a whole is now making the sound of pitter-patter).

The leader faces the group and taps his/her fingers as well. When s/he chooses s/he calls out either “homa” or “migdal.”

Upon hearing the word “homa,” participants place their hands on the table one foot apart from each other, palms facing each other.

When the leader calls out “migdal,” participants place two closed fists on the table, one on top of the other.

After a word is called out all return to tapping their fingers on the table.

The leader also tries to confuse the group by calling out a name and making the wrong sign with his/her hands. Anyone who makes the wrong sign for “migdal” or “homa” is out.

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